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VISX STAR S4 Excimer Laser

The VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser produces a beam of cool ultraviolet light. The doctor programs your information into a computer that controls the laser. The laser produces a series of rapid pulses that remove small and precise amounts of corneal tissue.

Excimer laser light does not penetrate into the eye and leaves other eye structures (iris, lens, retina) undisturbed.The laser also contains an auto-centering eye tracking system which will automatically compensate for any of your eye movements during the CustomVue treatment.

No Two Are Alike

No two pair of eyes are alike. But some types of vision correction are "one size fits all." At Spectrum Eye Institute, we use CustomVue individualized laser vision correction because we know your eyes are unique.

Schedule a consultation with us and we can tell you more about it, answer your questions, and help you decide if CustomVue is right for you. So call Spectrum Eye Institute at 815-729-3777 and get ready for the CustomVue you.