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Truly Individualized Laser Vision Correction

Now, laser vision correction can be specifically customized to the unique characteristics of your vision for a highly accurate treatment.

VISX CustomVue™, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - approved Laser Vision Correction procedure, is being used to improve vision in people across the nation and right here at Spectrum Eye Institute.

CustomVue uses state-of-the-art technology to measure the unique characteristics of the eye. By creating an individualized map of your eye, our physicians can customize a correction that is tailor-made to your vision. With CustomVue, we measure all the imperfections in your eyes that affect your vision. Then we use this information to plan your treatment with the VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser

The Result?

CustomVue is so advanced, so precise, so individualized to your eyes, nothing is more clearly you. And at Spectrum Eye Institute, we think it's important to treat you like the individual you are.

By specifically addressing the unique imperfections in your vision, CustomVue can potentially help you achieve your personal best vision without contact lenses or glasses.

Find Out more: Schedule a consultation with us and we can tell you more about it, answer your questions, and help you decide if CustomVue is right for you. So call Spectrum Eye Institute at 815-729-3777