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Botox Cosmetic

We offer Botox Cosmetic treatment, which is a simple non-surgical procedure, that smooths the deep, persistent lines between your brows and the corners of your eyelids (crow's feet). Ask one of our doctors if Botox Cosmetic is right for you.


Botox CosmeticsBOTOX® , a derivative of Botulinum A, is a protein that weakens and inactivates muscles that wrinkle the skin. It was first used in 1973 to help patients with essential blepharospasm (uncontrolled blinking), "crossed eyes" and facial tics. Now, it has gained popularity as an FDA-approved cosmetic agent used to get rid of unwanted facial wrinkles.

Wrinkles and frown lines on the forehead, glabellar area (area between the eyebrows) and crowsfeet (wrinkles at the outside corners of the eye) can all be reduced or eliminated with BOTOX® injections. The injections usually last between 3 - 6 months. The effects are usually seen with 24 hours, but may take up to a week to see the full benefit.

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